Selfie booth runs by professional photographers

Here at Selfie Booth, we care about each and every customer we work with.

About the company

Selfie Booth was launched by Nona.Photography as a passion project. The idea of creating a photo booth company came to Nona when she was working as a photographer at a wedding. She noticed that a lot of photo booths at weddings weren’t looked well, in terms of both design and quality. So, Nona wanted to bring a new photo booth experience with modern and attractive Selfie Booth. Starting a photo booth company was an exciting idea because it looked like so much fun!

About the Booth

We spent months looking for the right photo booth. We compared lots of different photo booths from all over the world. When we finally found the right one, we knew it was going to be a hit! And it is!

We brought it all the way from England as a unique and exclusive photo booth for the US market. The modern design and touch screen technology of the Selfie Booth recreates the experience of posing for selfies in front of a smartphone. The booth is easy to use, and your guests can even operate the booth by themselves. Cutting-edge design and LED lighting make the Selfie Booth a stand out addition to the room.


We promise you that your guests will love taking pictures in front of the camera and experimenting with different props and backgrounds. Give them an experience they will never forget and memories they can keep and cherish forever.

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In today’s world where people are taking every chance they get to take and share photos of themselves, the open air photo booth becomes more popular than the traditional, enclosed photo booth. Your guests can watch others have fun in front of the camera as well as experiencing it themselves. It’s entertainment for all of your guests, even the camera-shy ones.


Create and share selfies that look like the result of a professional photo shoot. We are a team of professional photographers, so we use only professional camera, lighting and printing equipment in our Selfie Booths to provide your guest with high quality prints to take home and digital images to share online.

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